City Lights Illuminate The West

City Lights Illuminate Adelaide’s free, city-wide centrepiece returns with a new series of immersive installations, artworks and large-scale activations set to turn Adelaide’s most iconic streetscapes into a night-time playground of colour and sound. Rug up, hit the pavement and follow the light as we present a new program of boundary-pushing local and international artists to reimagine the laneways, street-fronts and open spaces through the West End precinct including the feature installation FUTURES by Lucid Creates in Light Square.

Created out of a desire to ignite communal action and hope, FUTURES uses optical illusion, light and sound to take you to a place where we can envision the world that we want. A 50-metre-long walkway of moving light, soundscapes and mirrors, FUTURES allows audiences to enjoy an immersive space together moving forward whilst also reflecting back, showing us how by taking positive action together, we can create a great future. While you are there, be sure to check out the other installations close by, including Andrea Rassell’s The Society of NanoBioSensing

Illuminate City Lights in the West End is FREE for all ages and running nightly from 6pm to 11pm, come explore the West in a surprising and playful new light.

OCEAN DATA @ THE LAB Illuminate Adelaide presents at Light ADL: Ocean Data by Ouchhh Studio ‍ Created using millions of pieces of data sourced directly from underwater bases all the way from Bordeaux, France, digital art powerhouse Ouchhh Studio has created a living AI sculpture of maritime proportions. Immerse yourself in the deep ocean while all its mysteries become concrete as part of this temporal experience integrating art, science, and technology. ‍ Presented on Level One at Light ADL as part of Illuminate Adelaide, Ocean Data will be open with free entry for all ages to explore from 6pm – 11pm between the 15th and 31st of July. ‍ Head West and enjoy everything Light has to offer. Why not start your evening with a drink and a viewing of Ocean Data on Level One before a show at The Lab or dinner at award-winning Aurora Restaurant- or both! ‍ ‍Ouchhh Studio ‍Ouchhh studio is a pioneer of data paintings & sculptures, AI – Machine Intelligence, mind-driven approach, discovering new technological models to reflect the variety of contexts and experiences that shape their futuristic perspective. They have a dream about secret codes of cosmic multidimensional hybrid universes made by AI without physical architectural boundaries. MORE INFO

LIVE @ THE LAB Illuminate Adelaide is coming to you Live @ The Lab this July! In what is set to be an amazing co-curated program with Illuminate Adelaide, light and sound will converge over four electric weekends to present some of the most cutting-edge digital art and new music both locally and from around the globe reimagined right here in the West at Light ADL.

City Lights Illuminate West End

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