A New Vision for Adelaide’s best known street.

The Adelaide West End Association (AWEA) is proud to launch a new community led vision for Hindley Street East. All documents and content of this project are © Adelaide West End Association Inc. 2018. 

 The project was undertaken in collaboration with Glashaus and the University of South Australia’s School of Art, Architecture and Design and looked to develop a new long term vision and series of values to inform the future development, business attraction and promotion and marketing of Adelaide’s most beloved and worried over street, Hindley Street. 

Adelaide’s Blooming Rubik’s Cube, Image © Helen Page

Students uncovered stories from the past and aspirations for the future and looked at new ways of seeing the existing spaces in and around the street.

Glashaus , who where commissioned by the AWEA, conducted a series of 1 on 1 interviews and conducted an online survey that uncovered thoughts from over 490 participants.

The resulting report identifies 4 strategic values that will underpin the AWEA’s work with government, council, property owners and business over the next 10 years namely:

  • Hindley Street is Experimental a  place where the question is Why not?..rather than Why?
  • Hindley Street is Provocative a place that evokes a memorable emotional response
  • Hindley Street is Discoverable a place where locals enjoy finding new things.
  • Hindley Street is Artistic both as a place for art and as an attitude.

The overarching vision that has been drawn from this research and the way the AWEA will see, imagine and speak of Hindley Street is as “Adelaide’s Blooming Rubik’s Cube” a unique Adelaide place (that once frustrated many) blooms and continues to bloom into a new identity, simple on first reading but complex, rich  and intriguing looking further. 

 A brief “vision and values” report is available here ABRC – Vision and Values (DIGITAL). © AWEA 2018

For any usage and comment, requests to access the full report please contact andrew.wallace@unisa.edu.au or coordinator@adelaidewestend.com.au. 

“Rubik’s Cube® used by permission Rubik’s Brand Ltd.  www.rubiks.com”.

Photography © Helen Page Photography

The project was supported by the City of Adelaide.

The project also involved the commissioning of a short film from Teaspoon of Change..’the real hindley street’..a catalyst for new conversations about the street.

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